FutureClass: Self-organizing and peer-led, FutureClass is what students can do when left to (build) their own devices


Wednesday, November 3

Science Fair
21:00 – 23:00
HASTAC and the five students in FutureClass (grad, undergrad, and recent alum, from all fields) will showcase activities that will continue in the Storming the Academy tent throughout the Festival: app demos and development opportunities, social network mapping, crowdsourced netiquette, an ethnographic performance piece, and badge concept-development exercises.

Thursday, November 4

Create and Join a Low-Tech Social Network
Draw a picture, take a photo, tag yourself, connect! This interactive activity will help connect you with fellow Festival participants and visualize the strategies of digital collaboration.

A Penny for your Thoughts
A FutureClass student will begin interviewing Festival participants in the Storming the Academy tent and then will rove the Festival collecting your ideas, insights, impressions for an ethnographic performance project dramatizing the future of learning, freedom, and the web. You will be paid a U.S. penny for your thoughts.

Pay Attention!
A FutureClass student will demo his open source Classroom Attention Barometer, a web-based tool for gauging real-time student attention in large lecture classes, and then will lead a brainstorming session with potential partners interested in developing this tool for other purposes including micro-blogging and peer-peer backchatting.

Friday, November 5

What important skills are never evaluated in traditional education? BrainWriting is a series of activities designed to show what and how we can “grade” collaboration, improvisation, vision, implementation, beating the drum, getting the job done, and other 21st century skills.

Badge Building
Vote, design, tag, mod, mashup, and remix together to prototype playful badges that transform traditional grading and assessment.

Come play!
Combinatorial text generators, vampire palimpsests, radial visualizations of William Blake’s illustrations, interactive alphabets reimagining Mallarme’s “book to come,” collaborative readings of films--on display will be variety of digital webtexts created by scholars all over the world. Plus: FutureClass presentation and mashup session of Drumbeat activities recorded and reflected on http://www.futureclass.co